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How do you know if a photoshoot is right for you?

You've got this far, so i'm guessing that a shoot is in your mind as something you might like to do... don't worry - my shoots aren't formal, scary or posed! Families that have done photoshoots with me always comment on how fun they are and that's exactly how it should be!

It helps if you have a think about what you'd like to do with the photos too. It sounds basic, but my top tip is to print them!! We all have thousands of photos stored on our phone and most of us have pictures that we keep meaning to print but haven't got round to, but prints are so special.

Put your photos in frames, put them in an album, put them on the wall - they are there to be seen and loved and remind you of your fantastic family.

Photos are also the best way to capture a single moment in time. You will always look back and remember that moment, and they're not just for you but for your family, children, children's children and for generations to come too...

Lastly, if you're thinking, i'd like a photoshoot, but when i've lost some weight, have done your hair etc, stop! You will look gorgeous whatever, and your children will never look at those images and think that - all they'll see if a gorgeous, happy smiley person and that memory will live on forever.

Thanks for reading!


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