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What to expect from your first family shoot

I'm often asked, 'What's the format and what do I need to bring?' ahead of family shoots.

The way I like to photograph is very relaxed. Often the best images are those you don't expect, when you forget there's a photographer holding a camera and you're just having fun as a family.

Once we meet, we head off to wherever we plan to take the photos and then i'll take a few snaps to make sure that everything's in order - then we go. You'll have already let me know what you want from the shoot, so we might take some group images, but it should never feel like you're posing in front of the camera.

I photographed a family a few weeks ago with three children. We did the family shots first and then they ran around throwing leaves, chasing each other and exploring ... the photographs are beautiful and natural and the family love them!

There's nothing you need to bring - especially for outside shoots, unless you or your family has a favourite prop you'd like to incorporate. A family recently brought their dog, which was a surprise - albeit a fun one! However, I definitely suggest snacks for the children - attention spans can be short and a packet of raisins make everything better!

Some shoots take 45 mins, others take two hours - it depends on a number of factors - the weather, the temperament of children etc etc . I'm passionate about making sure I have the best possible photos so i'm never in a rush to get it done.

It should also be a fun day - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!


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